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Mar 22, 2023·Last updated on Mar 22, 2023

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By Lisa Seacat DeLuca (lisa.x), Senior Director of Engineering and Product

We’re excited to announce Unstoppable Messaging, a new domain-to-domain messaging platform coming this year. Unstoppable Messaging will allow you to send encrypted messages to other domain owners using their Web3 domain, manage who can and cannot message you, target messages to specific badge holders, stay up to date on your favorite projects, and more. This will work across all domains, including our original domains and the new branded TLDs.  

Your Unstoppable domain is the center of your digital identity, bringing together your experiences, favorite projects, social channels, payments, and so much more. Already, we’ve seen people use their Web3 name as a single identifier across the metaverse and on social platforms. Now, with Unstoppable Messaging, we’re building a way for you to connect directly with your friends and your community within Unstoppable, using only a Web3 domain. 

Here’s what Sanket Shah, Vice President Head of Growth at Polygon Labs, said about the product: “Identity is at the center of every community. In the Polygon community, .polygon domains provide that digital identity. We’re thrilled that the Polygon community will gain a Web3 solution for connecting with others using only their .polygon domains with Unstoppable Messaging.”

For dapps, games and metaverses, messaging is quickly becoming a powerful tool for building and nurturing community. With messaging, dapps can reach out to specific subgroups within a larger community, helping them create strong, engaged communities. For instance, Polygon Labs and its dapps will be able to use this feature to message .polygon holders who opt in, making it easier to communicate and share information that is tailored to your interests and needs. 

We’re still in the BUIDLing phase, but here’s what you can expect from Unstoppable Messaging:

  • Message domain holders: Anyone with an Unstoppable domain will be able to message other Unstoppable domain holders, whether they use .polygon, .nft, .x or any one of our other domain endings, as long as they’ve minted their domain to a wallet address. 
  • Connect with your community: In addition to peer-to-peer messaging, you’ll be able to message others with badges for collections they hold. Connect with your fellow 3-digit club friends or stay up to date on news from your favorite projects. 
  • Privacy by design: All messages will be encrypted, making it ideal for discussing sensitive topics like blockchain development. Plus, by using Web3 domains as identifiers, Unstoppable Messaging will eliminate the need to share your private email or phone number. 
  • Safety features: You’re in control of the messages you receive. You’ll be able to block individual users from messaging you, enable only a select list of users to message you, or if you prefer, block all new messages entirely.

Our COO and Head of Business Development Sandy Carter, said: “With messaging, your favorite apps, games and metaverses can build more cohesive and vibrant communities that are equipped to thrive in the decentralized world. We’re thrilled to get working on Unstoppable Messaging and to help our partners connect with their communities.”

Peer-to-peer messaging gives communities in Web3 a powerful tool for communication. With encrypted messaging, you’ll be able to freely exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and build meaningful relationships with other domain owners. For instance, a .nft domain owner could message another domain owner to forge a community, build relationships and discuss how they’re using their digital identity.

We expect to launch Unstoppable Messaging by the end of 2023. You’ll hear more from us in the months to come as we keep building the product. 

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