Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Labs Launch .polygon Web3 Domains

Mar 15, 2023

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Unstoppable Domains has teamed up with Polygon Labs to launch .polygon, a new domain ending (also known as a top-level domain, or TLD) available through Unstoppable Domains. Now, users across the Polygon ecosystem can create custom .polygon Web3 domains, like micah.polygon, which they can use to log into Web3 applications, easily send crypto and NFTs without a long wallet address, create decentralized websites, and build their Web3 identity. 

With .polygon domains, people can create a digital identity that they fully own and signal their support for Polygon, which hosts some of the biggest projects in Web3, DeFi apps and NFTs. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering an exclusive discount of 25% off, up to $25 total, on .polygon domains for the next 48 hours only on the Unstoppable website

In addition, .polygon domains will give users a portable identity to use across more than 750 apps, games and metaverses. Anyone can use Web3 domains, including .polygon, to log into web applications, replace lengthy crypto wallet addresses, and create decentralized websites. Additionally, Unstoppable Domains allows people to create profiles and connect them with their social channels, showcase on-chain tokens like tickets and awards, display badges, and more – creating a single digital identity for Web3 and the metaverse. 

"Web3 domains will give our community a digital identity that they fully own, so they can log into dapps without giving away their personal information and transact crypto without lengthy wallet addresses,” said Sanket Shah, Vice President and Head of Growth at Polygon Labs. “We’re thrilled to make user-owned digital identity a core part of the Polygon ecosystem.”

The new .polygon digital identities enable dapps in the Polygon ecosystem to build community and deepen their relationships with users. Dapps can join Unstoppable’s community of 750 integrated apps by adding Login with Unstoppable – allowing users to login seamlessly with a .polygon identity, without having to remember a password or crypto wallet address. In addition, dapps can integrate Unstoppable’s API to distribute .polygon domains – get started here

“We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Polygon Labs with .polygon Web3 domains and bring our communities even closer together,” said Sandy Carter, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “User-owned digital identity is the future of the Internet, and with the Polygon ecosystem, we’re putting the power of user-owned digital identities into more people’s hands.” 

Following the sale, starting March 16, we’ll launch exclusive access to premium .polygon gaming and digit domains. Whether you want the ultimate Web3 identity for gaming or you just want to snag a highly coveted 2- or 3-digit domain, you can snag premium domains like gamer.polygon or 00.polygon and signal your support for Polygon. 

Click here to reserve your .polygon Web3 domain name and get 25% off for a limited time. If you’re a dapp looking to integrate .polygon digital identities in your user experience, get started here