Ciao, Italia! Unstoppable and Young Platform bring Web3 Domains to Italian Investors

Oct 27, 2022·Last updated on Oct 27, 2022

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Becoming a digital asset investor just got easier. You now can easily buy, sell and convert bitcoin and altcoins at low fees with your Unstoppable Domain on Young Platform, the leading crypto exchange in Italy for the new generation of investors.

Young Platform offers an experience for everyone who wants to invest in digital assets. It doesn’t matter whether you're an expert trader, a beginner, or simply an enthusiast: Young Platform offers a solution for each level of investor. 

Thanks to our resolution integration and Partner API, the Young Platform community will be able to purchase Unstoppable Domains directly in the exchange and use them to buy and sell crypto.

"This powerful integration is just one step in an exciting journey to facilitate Web3 adoption. We are excited to partner with Unstoppable Domains, and are confident that this implementation is just one of many more exciting collaborations to come," says Andrea Ferrero. "Unstoppable Domains is doing an amazing job of paving the way for a decentralized identity. Suffice it to say that your Unstoppable Web3 domain is your wallet address, your decentralized web access and your universal username, all at the same time. Web3 was introduced in our educational paths and integrated in our products. Thanks to this effort, it's now accessible to everyone, also in Italy."

“We’re returning the power of the Internet to people. We’re excited to expand access to Web3 through powerful crypto education and our easy-to-use Web3 domains in Young Platform,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains.

Young Platform loaded their Young Platform Academy full of Web3 domain education, providing their community access to the right tools to take advantage of the best opportunities in the crypto market. 

Interested in checking out the YPA? Here’s a sample of what you can learn:

What are web3 Domains?

Internet Domains: from the dotcom bubble to speculation

Digital Identity Value in the Web3 World

How to get an Unstoppable Web3 domain

Let us know what you think about using your Unstoppable Web3 domain in the Young Platform exchange! Don’t have a Web3 domain yet? Grab yours here!