Showcase Your Digital Assets with the New Token Gallery

Dec 07, 2022

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By Adriel Estrada, Senior Product Manager, Login & Identity, Unstoppable Domains

Our core promise at Unstoppable Domains is to give you more ownership of your digital identity. Everything you own plays a role in your digital identity, from your experiences to your NFTs and metaverse assets. That’s why we’re launching the Token Gallery, giving you a new way to showcase your on-chain tokens and digital assets, right in your Unstoppable profile. 

Your Unstoppable profile brings together all the components that represent you online. Now, with the Token Gallery, you can display the cross-chain assets you own alongside other profile page activities such as Socials and Badges, making your digital identity more dynamic and more personal to you.

Your tokens, your digital identity

The new cross-chain Token Gallery feature allows you to further personalize your Unstoppable profile page by showcasing your verified on-chain assets, such as NFTs and other tokens, from a range of EVM and non-EVM (e.g., SOL, AVAX, and FTM) addresses.  

We’re also building integrations with apps, games and metaverses to give you even more ways to showcase your on-chain identity through your Unstoppable profile, including the Token Gallery. For instance, with Relic Tickets, you can showcase digital badges in your Token Gallery, connecting your real-life fandom with your digital identity. Being able to record, track and commemorate fan experiences – with tokens like FIFA World Cup badges or a coveted Taylor Swift tour badge – give you a verified, on-chain ability to showcase your once-in-a-lifetime memories. Digital badges also offer your favorite brands and creators the opportunity to build relationships with you through rewards and future perks.

You can also showcase NFTs or access tokens for events within your Token Gallery. For example, attendees of VaynerMedia’s Art Basel activation received exclusive access to networking, art and performances—only available via an access token. Attendees of the event can now easily showcase their token in the Token Gallery, so proof of their experience can live on the blockchain forever. 

By introducing this new multi-chain functionality, we’re making it easier to use your Web3 domains across Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche and Fantom to verify the digital assets you own so you can showcase your digital life.  

Getting started

To enable your Token Gallery, simply:

  • Login to your Unstoppable profile page
  • Head to the Crypto > Domain Management screens within your profile
  • Verify your EVM and non-EVM (e.g., SOL, AVAX, and FTM) addresses 
  • Select which blockchain addresses you want to pull your Web3 assets from

It’s that easy! We’ll continue building more integrations and iterating on the Unstoppable profile and Token Gallery user experience so domain owners can more easily showcase their NFTs, tickets and other assets that you choose to connect with their digital identity. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and follow us @unstoppableweb