Step into the Future of Domains: Unstoppable Welcomes Web2 and Web3 Registrars to Join Our Growing Global Community

Aug 30, 2023·Last updated on Aug 30, 2023

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By Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development, Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains partners with registrars across the globe to help them expand their offerings to include Web3 domains. Recently, we improved our tooling and infrastructure for all Web2 and Web3 registrars, making it even easier for people to find their perfect Web3 domains.

We’re committed to ensuring a seamless integration experience for registrars of all types and sizes. We’ve developed easy-to-use tools that simplify the integration process, along with our team of seasoned veterans dedicated to supporting you each and every step of the way. 

Our mission is to get a Web3 domain into the hands of every person around the world. We would love for more registrars to become an integral part of this innovative community that are expanding access to Web3 domains and helping brands secure their IP for the future of the Internet.

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What is a Web3 Domain?

Unstoppable Web3 domains give individuals a user-owned and portable digital identity, stored on the blockchain. People can use Web3 domains to send and receive cryptocurrencies, build decentralized websites, login to applications, send messages, and more. 

Unlike traditional domains which are mostly used by businesses, Web3 domains give individuals a username for the future of the Internet. Just like how DNS domains resolve IP addresses to recognizable names, Web3 domains turn 18 character cryptocurrency addresses into human readable names like sandy.x. 

Forecasts suggest there will be 1.25 billion crypto owners globally by 2026, which means only around 0.28% of the total addressable market currently owns a Web3 domain. With widespread adoption on the horizon, now is the perfect time to set your registry up for leveraging this uncharted opportunity.

Web2 Registrars: Access 5B+ New Buyers in an Untapped Market

Web3 domains have the potential to not only rival but surpass the success of your current domain business. Why should registrars consider embracing this change now?

  • $300M+ in sales across top web3 TLDs to date – all of which has occurred outside the traditional domain registrar channels.
  • An opportunity to sell domains to individuals, opening up 5 billion new users and new use cases.
  • Future proof your business by staying ahead of new technology and your competitors.

Web3 Registrars: Expand Your Offerings to Include Some of Web3’s Most Popular Web3 Domains

If you are a Web3 registrar, adding Unstoppable will give your community access to popular domains like .x,  which comes with more than 860 integrations and a suite of features. 

Unstoppable is the industry-leading Web3 domain provider with over 3.8 million registered domains and 10 TLDs. Integrating with us is easy and will allow you to expand your product offering to your Web3-engaged audience.

Opportunities for Registrars of All Types and Sizes

The potential for your business is endless. If you wait for the next cycle, you might miss the opportunity. Once a bull market starts, it's typically too late to catch up. During the last bull market in Q4 2021, our sales soared to $24 million.

At Unstoppable, we’re seeing a 25% quarterly increase in registrars partnering with us. Registrars that set a Web3 strategy early and integrate will be well positioned to capitalize on the abundant inflows of capital seen for Web3 domains during bull markets. 

If you are a registrar, you’re primed to unlock incremental revenue during the bear market and substantial earnings during the bull market. Cycles tend to occur every three to four years, often aligning with significant events like the upcoming Bitcoin halving soon approaching in April 2024.

Recurring Revenue with the Unstoppable Vault

The Unstoppable Vault, an optional custody solution, not only safeguards your clients’ domains but also creates an avenue for recurring revenue for registrars. For just $10 per year per domain, the Unstoppable Vault offers secure on-chain storage for users who are not familiar with crypto wallets.

The Unstoppable Vault offers registrars another renewal stream. By 2026, we estimate that Vault could account for 2x your transaction revenue with Unstoppable.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with our Premier Partner API

Experience the power of our Partner API, an industry-leading solution for domain distribution and management. Our easy-to-use API is your gateway to a new revenue stream. Within a few days of integrating our Partner API, you gain the ability to:

  • Look up, claim, and manage Web3 domains and subdomains effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly create and manage custody wallets, ensuring the utmost security for your clients.
  • Efficiently manage domains held in both custody and self-custody wallets.
  • Enjoy a swift and seamless integration process, supported by dedicated product engineers who are committed to your success.

Our Partner API seamlessly integrates into your traditional search and checkout flow with Unstoppable taking care of all intricate blockchain interactions. Registrars can manage domains at scale through a developer-friendly RESTful API. 

Users can manage their domains natively on your site without ever needing to leave your registrar experience. Domain management for users includes features like linking domains to crypto addresses and more.

Why Choose Unstoppable Domains as Your Partner?

Launching with Unstoppable Domains means accessing unparalleled Web3 domain expertise and resources that can help bolster your registrar business:

  • Unstoppable Domains has over 860+ integrated partners and 10 TLDs
  • We handle all the technology and infrastructure required for your registry to function smoothly.
  • Our new registrar tooling enables you to easily manage, bill, and cover all of your Web3 domain needs. Registrars can manage domains at scale through user-friendly tooling.
  • Our team of experts excels in blockchain registry architecture, particularly in smart contracts, ensuring a secure and efficient operation.
  • With a proven track record, including two smart contracts that have been live on-chain since 2019, we're a reliable and experienced partner.
  • We boast a global team that's actively developing emerging digital identity products rooted in blockchain technology, securing the future of online identity.

Embrace the future of domains and digital identity with Unstoppable Domains. Let’s forge a partnership today, and together, shape the future of the Internet. 

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