Simplifying NFTs and Crypto with AMIS

Sep 29, 2022·Last updated on Sep 29, 2022

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We’re excited to share that MaiCoin, Taiwan’s largest legal Digital Asset Group, is partnering with Unstoppable Domains to make sending and receiving crypto even easier and more intuitive. 

Qubic Wallet by AMIS Technology, an affiliate of MaiCoin Group, is a wallet that lets users buy, store and trade NFT’s with a single tap. Now, Qubic Wallet users also have the power to send and receive crypto using a Web3 domain – no complicated wallet address needed. 

In addition, Qubic is the first wallet in Taiwan to display users’ Web3 domain instead of their wallet address using resolution and reverse resolution – making digital asset exchange even  more user friendly, seamless, and personal. 

Recognized by more than 70% of traders in Taiwan, Maicoin Group is using the superpowers of Unstoppable Domains to go big globally and make their user experience even simpler: Qubic users can now leverage their digital identity from Unstoppable Domains, removing the stress of entering incorrect addresses.

“Qubic Wallet is a market leader in Taiwan for sending and receiving NFT. With our partnership with Unstoppable Domains, we are bring more utility to our users helping them seamlessly transact in NFT and crypto using human readable domain names vis a vis complex wallet addresses thereby improving their user experience and all of that in just a single tap,” said Yu-te Lin, Vice President of Engineering at AMIS Technology.

Unstoppable Domains is making Web3 easier, one integration at a time. With industry leaders like Maicoin, we’re giving people across the world ownership of their digital identities. 

“Asian markets, especially Taiwan, are leading the charge in crypto and Web3 adoption, and we are determined to give every Web3 user in Asia ownership of their digital identity,” said Sandy Carter, SVP Business Development and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “We’re thrilled to partner with Qubic Wallet to help their millions of users send and receive crypto with a single tap.” 

Stay tuned for more awesome updates about this partnership!