Security Incident at Our Email Vendor

Jul 08, 2022·Last updated on Jul 08, 2022

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Recently, an employee of our email vendor,, used their access to systems to download and share a set of email addresses with an unauthorized third party. Late last night, informed us that the data extracted included email addresses that our users and subscribers provided to Unstoppable Domains. Our own systems weren’t impacted as part of this incident, which we understand affected customer data of six companies that use 

Anyone who subscribed to our emails or who made a purchase through Unstoppable Domains may have had their email address exposed, and we’ve reached out to customers who were likely impacted. Other than email addresses, we have no reason to believe any other personal information was accessed. 

Please exercise caution, and be careful about engaging with any emails or other communications that appear to come from Unstoppable Domains or any of your crypto or NFT providers. Here are some tips to help keep your assets safe: 

  • Never give away your private keys or passwords. We’ll never ask you to share your private keys or passwords with us. 
  • Never download attachments that claim to be from Unstoppable Domains. We’ll never ask you to download anything.
  • Be cautious when clicking links in emails. Scammers could create copycat sites that look identical to official sites, but with a subtly different URL. Always make sure links are spelled correctly. 
  • Exercise caution on messaging platforms and social media apps. Ignore messages unless you can verify the person is who they say they are.

We’re extremely disappointed that this happened and believe it’s important to share this information with our community promptly. You can read more information about the security incident on the website.