Ripio Brings Unstoppable Domains to 4.5 Million LatAm Customers

Nov 18, 2022·Last updated on Nov 18, 2022

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Ripio, a leading exchange in Latin America and a crypto pioneer, just became the first LatAm company to integrate the Unstoppable Domains Partner API. This allows their community of 4.5 million people to easily mint a free Web3 domain within the Ripio Portal.

Once Ripio members have their free Web3 domain, they can use it to easily send and receive crypto directly in the Ripio Portal. Unstoppable domains are also visible along with wallet addresses when depositing crypto in the Ripio Portal, making the Ripio experience more personal by integrating users’ Web3 digital identities. Replacing alphanumeric addresses with human-readable names gives people an easier and more intuitive way to manage their crypto.

Ripio’s focus is on developing and strengthening the new digital economy, while offering financial alternatives to traditional banking solutions. With eight years of experience in building blockchain-based solutions, Ripio has a strong track record of scaling Web3 products.

“With nearly a decade of experience in providing Web3 solutions in LatAm, Ripio is blazing a trail for 4.5 million Web3 enthusiasts,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “Now, as our first partner in Latin America, Ripio is giving its community  the power to truly own their digital identities.” 

“In our mission to make Web3 more accessible to everyone in Latin America, we teamed up with Unstoppable Domains so that our users can receive their free Web3 domain and can start building their on-chain identity.” Sebastian Serrano, Ripio’s CEO and founder.

Get started here to mint your free Web3 domain through the Ripio Portal. Let us know on Twitter what you choose!