Make Web3 More Personal with Reverse Resolution

Aug 10, 2022

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Web3 is about ownership, but clunky crypto wallet addresses and poor UX are barriers to entry that prevent mass adoption. NFT domains make Web3 easier and more personal by replacing crypto wallet addresses – which are complex, impersonal and difficult to recognize – with human-readable names like nora.nft. Today we’re excited to introduce Reverse Resolution, a new feature that makes it easy for apps, wallets, games and metaverses to show your Unstoppable Domain in place of your wallet address. Now you can enable reverse resolution and set a primary domain, so you can highlight your Unstoppable name in place of a wallet address across all your favorite platforms.

One name for Web3, the Metaverse, and beyond

Reverse resolution allows you to showcase your identity and make your Web3 and metaverse experience more personal. For instance, once you log in to a dapp that’s enabled reverse resolution, you’ll see your chosen domain name instead of a long wallet address that doesn’t feel like your own. You can also envision a world where your avatar’s name is your NFT domain, or where you can rep your domain on a leaderboard as part of a metaverse game. It’s an easy, low-lift way for platforms to improve and personalize their UX while freeing up resources internally.

Easier and more transparent transactions

Reverse resolution also makes it easier to tie your on-chain transactions to your Web3 identity, or to easily search for others’ transactions. For instance, on platforms that display on-chain data, you can find a transaction by searching for “jayden.crypto” instead of “0xa20C8B3740791FFF012898Ce27aEb761c07F280F.” Reverse resolution can even make governance on Web3 more transparent. In DeFi protocols, you can easily view transactions on liquidity pools and governance proposals. DAOs can use reverse resolution to establish identities for voting on DAO proposals, so you can easily see who is voting for a proposal.

Get started in a few clicks

To set up reverse resolution, go to My Domains → Manage → Reverse Resolution on the Unstoppable website, and click "Start Record Update." Once you’ve enabled reverse resolution, you’ll start to see your domain appear on any platforms that have integrated the feature. In the future, we’ll add a feature where reverse resolution is auto set upon minting, making it even easier for you to bring your identity across all your favorite apps, wallets, metaverses, games and more.

We want to create a Web3 and Metaverse experience that is more human and accessible to everyone, and that means making Web3 less complex and more delightful. Over time, we’ll make it even easier for your NFT domain to serve as your username across Web3 and the Metaverse, allowing you to build a portable reputation that you control. We’re continuing to invest in our partners to build new tools and capabilities that make your domains more functional and powerful across Web3 and the metaverse. Integrating reverse resolution is simple – partners can follow the self-serve instructions on our website to get started, or reach out to us at