Q3 2021 Roundup

An Unstoppable Q3

Oct 13, 2021·Last updated on Oct 14, 2021

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Q3 Roundup!

Q3 was a HUGE quarter for not only Unstoppable, but the future of Web3. 

We registered more than 300,000 Web3 domains, grew the total number of domains registered to over 1.4 million, and launched the .Wallet Alliance with 32 wallets. Best of all, we did all this while collecting $0 in renewal fees from customers because NFTs are about ownership, not subscriptions. 

All of this in just 90 days. Crypto certainly moves fast, and our team has kept pace with it every step of the way. After a full three months, though, we wanted to take a moment to slow down, share our progress with our community, and talk about what’s next for Unstoppable Domains.

The Unstoppable Domains Mission

Our mission today remains as simple as when we started — we’re returning power to the people. We’re giving everyone the right to control their own data, govern their own identities and make their own choices.

That’s why when you register domains with us at unstoppabledomains.com you don’t need to worry about renewal fees or having to “rent” your domain for decades. It’s yours. You own it for life. Not us, not anyone else. Simple as that. 

And soon, you won’t have to worry about gas fees either. On Oct 21st, we’ll be sharing our plans to move to Layer 2, where we’ll be covering all L2 gas fees for our customers. There’s no denying that this has been a long time coming, but we’re thrilled to be offering a solution that we are truly happy with, and we thank you all for navigating this complex puzzle with us. 

This will open up tremendous potential for Web3 domains and decentralized identities.

Easier Access to Web3 Domains

Our focus has always been getting Web3 domains into the hands of all 4 billion+ internet users, and we're happy to see this value resonating with so many more people this past quarter. We went from 90k new domains registered in August to 130k in September!

People want domains that they can own (not rent), that they can use freely with any token or currency, and affordably (without having to pay gas or annual fees). 

That’s about to be a reality. 

Partners & Friends

To prepare for all of this we’ve doubled down on growing our network of apps, increasing the number of integrations by 42% in Q3 from 54 to 77. Our work here is constantly accelerating and you can expect to see much more progress on this front in the coming months.

.Wallet Alliance

Speaking of collaborations, we recently launched the .Wallet Alliance. This collection of 32 leading wallets, representing 40million monthly users, is working with UD to standardize .wallet Web3 domains as the username for peer-to-peer crypto payments.

.Wallet Alliance

Over the coming months you’ll see us working with these partners to bring Unstoppable Domains to their 40 million wallet holders, starting with .wallet domains issuance from within their apps. This will significantly improve the onboarding experience for millions of people, removing the burden of having to copy/paste long, complicated wallet addresses and enabling people to send crypto as easily as an email.

New TLDs

These leading wallets will also support the 9 other domains we introduced earlier this year based on feedback from our community. You wanted more options to reflect your decentralized identities, and we delivered. 

Over the past quarter, .crypto was our most popular domain ending with 78k registrations, followed by .nft with 52k, .wallet with 47k, and .x with 43k. Both .wallet and .nft surpassed 100k registrations, becoming the 3rd and 4th domains to do so after .zil (250k) and .crypto (750k). We expect .x to join the 100k ranks in the next few weeks.

What’s Next?

To give people even more control over their digital identities we’ll soon be launching an updated version of our profile pages which will include more options for showing on-chain verifications as well as UD verifications.

In the near future your Unstoppable Web3 Domain will be much more than a username for wallets, or the address for your website. 

It will be a central part of your digital identity and portable across a growing list of applications. Best of all it will be yours, and yours alone.

If any of the above excites you and you’re interested in building the future of Web3 then come join us! We have 17 roles open across many departments and are hiring around the world. Check out the open roles here

And lastly, a big thank you to all of our community who have been with us from day one. Your feedback and support have made us who we are today, and we’re so excited to continue building Web3 with you.