170 Wallets Now Support Unstoppable Domains: Announcing Phantom Wallet

May 25, 2023·Last updated on May 25, 2023

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We're elated to share that Phantom, the leading Solana wallet, has integrated Unstoppable Domains, marking the 170th wallet to support Unstoppable digital identities. This integration extends the Unstoppable ecosystem, providing more than 3 million Phantom users with the ability to leverage their digital identities for sending and receiving crypto and NFTs.

Phantom, renowned for its user-friendly experience and robust NFT capabilities, makes managing digital assets a breeze. As the leading Solana wallet that now supports Ethereum and Polygon, Phantom has seen massive growth by focusing on being the easiest-to-use and most NFT friendly wallet on the market. By integrating Unstoppable Domains, Phantom users can now enjoy an even more seamless journey within the NFT universe.

Because your Unstoppable Web3 domain is an NFT held in your wallet, you can view your domain directly within your Phantom account. Phantom provides an intuitive way to highlight your domain by pinning it to your profile, letting you view details and even conduct transactions without having to leave the app. 

"Unstoppable Domains is about making Web3 accessible, intuitive, and ultimately, unstoppable," said Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. "Our integration with Phantom, a wallet that shares our vision for an inclusive and NFT-friendly Web3, brings us a step closer to that reality."

“At Phantom, we’re focused on building the best wallet possible,” said Brandom Millman, CEO & Co-Founder at Phantom. “By adding support for Unstoppable Web3 domains, we’re giving our community a new way to personalize their experience and manage their Web3 domains.”

This is an exciting chapter in our continued journey to make Web3 more user-friendly and personal. Unstoppable Domains and Phantom, together, are simplifying the way users interact with NFTs and crypto. 

Now with 170 leading Web3 wallets supporting Unstoppable, your domain just became even more useful. Claim your Unstoppable domain today and enjoy a simplified Web3 experience!