DeFi Leader PancakeSwap Integrates Unstoppable Digital Identities

Jun 02, 2023·Last updated on Jun 02, 2023

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We're excited to announce a monumental step forward for all Unstoppable Domain owners and the community behind PancakeSwap, one of the largest DeFi platforms. Now, your Unstoppable digital identity is seamlessly integrated with PancakeSwap!

PancakeSwap is a trailblazer in the DeFi arena, currently boasting the largest community of any decentralized platform to date with 3.5 million active users who have entrusted it with an impressive $2.2 billion TVL. With today’s launch, PancakeSwap is significantly enhancing the DeFi user experience and offering a personalized touch for their dedicated traders and investors.

Starting now, when you connect your wallet to PancakeSwap, your unique Unstoppable domain will automatically replace the standard wallet address, making your transactions smoother and more personal. If you haven’t already enabled Reverse Resolution for your Unstoppable domains, follow the easy steps here. 

Get your .pancake.crypto subdomain for only $9.99 

To celebrate, for a limited time we’re offering any custom .pancake.crypto subdomain for only $9.99!* Grab a name like charlie.pancake.crypto or sandy.pancake.crypto to replace your random wallet address with a custom Web3 domain. 

“PancakeSwap's commitment to improving the DeFi user experience made it a perfect partner for Unstoppable Domains,” said Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “We can’t wait for the DeFi community to see how easy it is to use their Web3 digital identities!”

“We're bidding farewell to those forgettable 0x addresses and stepping into the future of Web3 domains, providing a more secure, intuitive, and personalized user experience with Unstoppable domains,” said Chef Mochi, Head Chef of PancakeSwap. 

This is a milestone worth celebrating - get your .pancake.crypto subdomain today!

* Offer available from June 1st 13:00 UTC to June 8th 13:00 UTC. Does not apply to protected names.