Launching Improvements to the Unstoppable Android and iOS Apps

May 26, 2023·Last updated on May 26, 2023

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By Paul Costas, Mobile QA Engineer, Stanislav Havrosh, Lead Android, and Oleg Kuplin, Lead iOS Engineer

The Unstoppable mobile app is a powerful tool that enables our community to manage their domains, interact with dApps, and login to websites and applications using their Unstoppable digital identities. 

We’re excited to announce a number of improvements that allow you to do even more with the Unstoppable Android app, including support for the popular WalletConnect (WC) V2, the ability to connect with external wallet apps, connecting to WalletConnect V2 compatible dApps, and the ability to Login with Unstoppable. 

In addition to all the awesome Android updates, we also have some innovative new features to share for the Unstoppable iOS app including NFC capability, domain transfers, referrals and more.

Android App Updates

Connect with external wallets through WalletConnect

WalletConnect (WC) is a protocol that allows people to connect their crypto wallets to dApps and other blockchain-based applications. With the update to WalletConnect V2, you can use the Unstoppable Android app to connect to your wallets securely and easily by removing the need to copy and paste private keys.

You can now seamlessly interact with a number of external wallet apps through the Unstoppable Android app, including Rainbow, Trust, and Zerion, managing crypto with your Unstoppable domain. MetaMask will be WC V2 compliant before the end of June, and we are actively working on support for Ledger and other leading wallets.

Connect to WalletConnect V2 compatible dApps

The Unstoppable Android app now enables you to connect to WalletConnect V2 compatible dApps, opening up a whole new realm of possibility for your Web3 domains. By the end of June, major dApps like OpenSea and UniSwap are expected to be WC v2 compatible as well.

Use Unstoppable Login

Unstoppable Login is a single sign-on service that lets you login to a variety of websites and applications using your Unstoppable domain.

By integrating Unstoppable Login on our Android app, we’re making it easier for you to login to your favorite applications while you’re on the go.

Unstoppable iOS App Updates

The Unstoppable iOS app includes all of the same features as the Android app, plus a few additional ones like NFC support, domain transfers, referrals and more! 

Create an NFC tag for your profile

Create an NFC tag for a link to your page, allowing you to tap most modern iPhones and Android phones to share your profile.

There’s no easier way to bridge your Web3 digital identity to IRL and make connections at events, meetups and more!

Check the status of your Vaulted domains

With the new ‘Website account’ option in Settings, you can check the status of your Vaulted domains by accessing your account via email, Google or Twitter.

If you have opted into Unstoppable Vault, this update makes it easy to keep your Vault subscription current and domains safely stored.

After activating the feature, you will receive push notifications before any Vault subscriptions expire - keep those domains locked down!

Connect with additional external wallets

We are excited to add support for’s DeFi wallet, Zerion, Spot and other additional external wallets!

By simplifying your mobile Web3 experience, we’re looking to make it safer and easier for you to manage your digital assets, wherever you are.

Enjoy improved UI for social

On that same note, now it’s super easy to manage your social profiles directly in the mobile app.

Just login, head to your domain profile page and click on “Manage.” From there you can connect your socials with a few clicks.

Easily transfer domains 

Easily transfer domains to friends and family! Just ask them to install the mobile app on Android or iOS, have them create a Vault (a wallet held in our mobile app) and send you the Vault address.

You can also transfer a domain via a domain name. Bulk transfers are not permitted via the mobile app right now (but if you want to send out a lot of domains, head to your domain management online or drop us a message at

Share referrals

Seamlessly refer your friends and family to Unstoppable directly through the iOS app.

Help introduce them to owning their digital identities with free Unstoppable credits and also earn some for yourself!

We hope you enjoy these app updates! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know on Twitter or at