Introducing the new Unstoppable mobile app

Aug 15, 2022

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Your identity and login for Web3, securely managed at your fingertips

By Edward Nehamkin, Senior Product Manager

TL;DR:  We’re introducing a new Unstoppable iOS app, creating a simple and intuitive way to manage your Web3 identity on the go. Within the app, you can now:

  • Mint, backup, and manage your domains on the go.
  • Build a profile card to share your digital identity on social media and in real life.
  • Log in to 180+ apps, metaverses, and games that have integrated Login with Unstoppable and hundreds of other WalletConnect compatible apps.

Your Web3 identity at your fingertips

The new Unstoppable mobile app gives you the tools to securely manage your digital identity through your Web3 domains. Update your personal information, control the data you share and manage how you visually represent yourself across apps, metaverses, and games.

Here are some of the new features you can explore within the app starting today:

1. Manage domains on the go

The Unstoppable app is the easiest way to manage your domains anytime, anywhere. 

Now, you can easily mint domains directly from the mobile app. You can also choose how you want to interact with your domains by either importing your wallets or linking to external wallets. The Unstoppable app will automatically show you the wallet apps you have installed on your device. We currently support several WalletConnect compatible apps including MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Ledger Live, AlphaWallet, MathWallet with more options coming soon.

You can also backup your domains to ensure you always have access, even if your phone is lost, stolen, or becomes unusable. As an app user, you have the option to backup your domains manually or store an encrypted copy on iCloud.

Finally, the mobile app connects to the Unstoppable Domains website, creating an interoperable experience where you can take advantage of all of our domain management features such as managing profiles, building decentralized websites, opting in to email forwarding, setting up reverse resolution, and more.

2. Build your Web3 identity

The mobile app lets you choose a digital identity card to help you share your Web3 identity, whether on social media or in real life. With a few taps, you can download a custom card featuring your Web3 Domain, profile picture, and a link to your domain profile (ex: that’s optimized for your lock screen, your watch face or sharing on social media. You can easily update your profile picture from the Unstoppable Domains website. In the next couple of months, you’ll be able to update your profile picture and domain profile directly from the mobile app.

3. Log in to 180+ apps, metaverses, and games

We’ve added WalletConnect support on the Unstoppable app. Now, seamlessly log in to hundreds of WalletConnect-enabled apps, along with 180+ apps, metaverses, and games that have integrated Login with Unstoppable. 

Login with Unstoppable is a single sign-on service that allows you to control the data you share with apps, games and metaverses. It’s your simple, secure, and singular login for dapps and sites across Web3. Your Unstoppable Domain lets you log in across apps with just a single username – no more passwords.

What’s next for the mobile app 

We’re focused on continuous discovery and improvement. The mobile app is the beginning of a new way for you to interact with your digital identity, bringing together offline and online experiences.

Soon, we’ll add the ability to customize your profiles directly from the mobile app – including adding profile pictures (PFPs), linking your various social media channels, and permissioning your personal data to apps, metaverses, and games. The mobile app will also enable people to connect with and discover other domain owners through public profiles. Later this year, we’ll launch the Unstoppable Android app and will explore new features, such as NFT galleries and messaging capabilities.

As we continue to build, we plan to publish our work to make it easier for developers and partners to add identity and domain management functionality to their mobile apps. We see this as a way to build with our #UDFam and continue to make our products better for everyone. If you’re interested in checking out the repositories we use to generate domain vaults and facilitate wallet importing, you can learn more here.

Building a better digital identity solution for everyone

We believe your digital identity should be easy to authenticate and distinct from your finances, so you can verify your identity without exposing other sensitive information. For example, when showing your ID at a bar, you don’t have to hand the bouncer your entire wallet. Similarly, when proving your identity by logging into apps, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your crypto or having your valuable NFTs exposed. That’s why longer term, we’re working to build functionality to separate your digital identity from your other assets.

We’re also actively exploring additional ways to back up your domains and prevent loss. As a domain owner, you are solely responsible for keeping your recovery phrase(s) safe. While this is a responsibility that most experienced crypto users are comfortable with, many people want more options to regain access to their valuable domains.

In order to onboard the next billion users onto Web3 domains, we have to create a simple user experience for identity management that anyone can understand – without needing extensive crypto knowledge or backup expertise. The Unstoppable app plays an integral role in realizing this goal. As a team, we’re more excited than ever to continue to make digital, self-sovereign identity accessible and portable for everyone. Be sure to watch for updates over the coming months.

Download the app on iOS, and be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest product news and updates. We’re listening and we’re glad to have you as part of the UD community. 

Thanks to the team 

We first launched the Unstoppable mobile app about a year ago as an MVP. Since then, we’ve built out a dedicated team focused around building out our mobile app experience. A huge thank you to the entire mobile team at Unstoppable that brought this project to life:

  • Daniil Bondarenko, Lead Product Designer
  • Roman Medvid, Head of Mobile - Europe
  • Oleg Kuplin, Middle iOS Developer
  • Alex Zaitzev, Senior Android Developer
  • Paul Costas, Mobile QA
  • Edward Nehamkin, Senior Product Manager