.Go and Sunrise Periods

Aug 11, 2023

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Unstoppable recently acquired the .go Web3 domain ending from Go Domains (StorX Technologies Ltd.), allowing us to migrate .go domains to Unstoppable. We’re thrilled to have worked with their team to deliver a top-tier domain ending for Unstoppable customers, and we’ll soon get existing .go holders the equivalent domain in the Unstoppable system.

You can reserve your .go domains now, and they’ll be minted after the 90-day sunrise period. .go is the first Web3 TLD to use a proper sunrise period, so we’re sharing a bit more about sunrise periods, how they work, and why they’re important. 

What is a sunrise period?

Sunrise periods are a core part of how top-level domain (TLD) launches work in the traditional domain space. Essentially, they give brands more time to secure their domains before they’re on-chain. In Web2, the sunrise period for domain name registration gives trademark owners a set amount of time to register their trademarked names.

Why implement a sunrise period?

We’re trying a sunrise period for .go because it’s important for brands to have the opportunity to own their domains. Squatting is bad for our ecosystem, and allowing domains to go to their rightful owners helps build trust, which will be critical to scaling Web3 domains to the masses. 

At Unstoppable, we want to be a good steward of Web3, and that includes protecting brands. We recommend that other Web3 registries implement this process so we can bring safety and standards to our space. 

How will Unstoppable’s .go sunrise period work?

Similar to Web2, the 90-day sunrise period for .go domains will give brands an opportunity to secure their domains before they’re minted on the blockchain. We’d love to help brands secure their domains during the sunrise period. Reach out to us here

Anyone can reserve their .go domains now, and they’ll be minted and yours to claim after the sunrise period. Bear in mind, during the sunrise period, domains for well-known brands that are reserved by someone other than the owner of the brand will be refunded and returned to Unstoppable.

.go is a simple and memorable domain ending for those who are constantly in motion, always progressing, and who don’t accept the status quo. We’re thrilled to offer this domain ending to our community through our acquisition – and to be good stewards of Web3 in the process. Reserve yours today!