New ENS Domains Identity Features on Unstoppable

Aug 21, 2023·Last updated on Aug 21, 2023

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.eth domains on Unstoppable have superpowers.

At Unstoppable, we want to be your one-stop-shop for all things related to Web3 domains. That’s why we’ve made it easy to buy .eth domains on Unstoppable and why we’re giving .eth domains even more superpowers. Today, we’re excited to unlock new identity features for .eth domains. 

Login with Unstoppable

Use your .eth domain across any of Unstoppable’s login integrations with leading apps, games and metaverses! With hundreds of login integrations to choose from, you now have even more freedom in how you use your .eth digital identity online. Profile

Now, you can create a profile page for your .eth domain. Connect your socials, crypto addresses and more. We’re still adding some advanced features, so check back soon for more ways to leverage your profile. 

Unstoppable Email

When you’re setting up your profile, don’t forget to configure decentralized email. You can now send and receive emails to {yourdomain.eth} to move your communications from Web2 to Web3!

Push Notifications

Never miss a beat with Unstoppable push notifications for .eth domains. Get alerts about profile updates on your iPhone (Android coming soon), Unstoppable messages and more.

Adding support for smooth .eth domain registrations was just the first step. We’re building tools to help push the entire space forward, making it easier for people and projects to leverage Web3 domains. Buy your .eth domain on Unstoppable or add your existing .eth domain to your Unstoppable account and try out these new features today!