dominiosweb3: Pioneering Web3 Domain Registration in South America

DominiosWeb3: Pioneering Web3 Domain Registration in South America

Oct 11, 2023·Last updated on Oct 11, 2023

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We’re thrilled to announce that DominiosWeb3, South America's first Web3 registrar, is now offering Unstoppable domains! This launch addresses the growing demand for Web3 domains in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. 

At Unstoppable, our mission is to get a Web3 domain into the hands of every person around the world. We love that more registrars are becoming an integral part of this innovative community, expanding access to Web3 domains and helping brands secure their IP for the future of the Internet.

Pioneering Web3 Domains in South America

DominiosWeb3 caters to the rising demand for decentralized domains and blockchain services in South America, which is estimated to represent at least 10% of the global Web3 market. Their comprehensive platform offers full domain management capabilities, simplifying the process of linking crypto addresses to domains, managing profiles and more.

Empowering Spanish and Portuguese Speakers

DominiosWeb3's launch holds particular significance for the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. It provides new opportunities for individuals, businesses, and organizations to establish a Web3 presence, breaking language barriers for a wider audience.

With website options in Spanish and Portuguese, DominiosWeb3 will be the premiere option for the South American Web3 market!

“DominiosWeb3's entry into South America as the first Web3 domain registrar is a remarkable achievement,” said Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “Its commitment to serving Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities make it a standout player in the evolving Web3 landscape.” 

Looking for a way to find your next domain in Spanish or Portuguese? Vamos! Head over to DominiosWeb3 today.