Unstoppable Domains Integrates with CoinStats to Advance Portfolio Tracking for Over One Million Users

Sep 21, 2022·Last updated on Sep 21, 2022

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Millions of CoinStats users can get a free Unstoppable domain, allowing them to track all their crypto assets in one place

We’re excited to announce a first-of-its-kind integration with CoinStats, enabling people to manage and track their entire crypto portfolio at the touch of a button, simply linking your Web3 domain to CoinStats. Through this integration, your Web3 domain gives you one-click access to a holistic dashboard for tracking and managing your portfolio, all without having to link wallets manually. 

Previously, CoinStats users had to link their wallets one by one to access a portfolio of their token holdings. Now, you can simply link your Web3 domain to the CoinStats app — giving you complete control and transparency of your digital assets from all wallets linked to your Unstoppable domain, which supports more than 275 cryptocurrencies.

To celebrate the partnership, we’re giving away free Web3 domains for any CoinStats user holding at least 3,000 Sparks (CoinStats Rewards) for the next month. Additionally, all Unstoppable domain holders will receive a free one-month subscription to CoinStats Premium, giving them advanced portfolio analytics, exclusive CoinStats insights and customized price alerts. Learn how to claim your free month here

“We’re all about making Web3 easier to use, and with CoinStats, we’re giving domain holders a seamless way to keep track of all of their crypto assets. We’re excited to give people more utility for their Unstoppable Domains and help users take control of their web3 identities,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains. 

“Unstoppable Domains is a pioneer in the web3 space, and their mission to help users take control of their Web3 identity resonates with our brand and values. Together with Unstoppable Domains, we are giving people the power to be fully in control of their digital assets and make it even easier for users to engage with web3,” said Tigran Hakhunts, Business Development Manager at CoinStats.

Your portfolio. In one place. 

Your Web3 domain is your identity for Web3. Today, you can use Web3 domains to simplify sending and receiving crypto, log in seamlessly to dApps, build decentralized websites, and create a profile for Web3. Now, with Coinstats, you can also use your domain to seamlessly track and manage your crypto assets in one place. 

With Unstoppable Domains and CoinStats, you can: 

  • Track your crypto balances across all of your compatible wallets, including Binance, Coinbase, and MetaMask, on one dashboard
  • Manage and track your NFT holdings 
  • Access line graphs, pie charts, and other metrics to monitor your portfolio value 
  • Have fully transparent access to all transactions in and out of all of your wallets that are linked to your Unstoppable Domain
  • Track your DeFi assets across 15+ blockchains and 500+ protocols

A domain with superpowers

Unstoppable has registered over 2.5 million Web3 domains, and they’re supported by 400+ applications, including, Moonpay, Coinbase wallet, and much more. We recently launched a new mobile app for Web3 identity management and deepened its integration with the Brave web browser — allowing for more than two million Web3 domains to be used to access and build decentralized websites. 

We’re thrilled to make your Unstoppable domain even more useful with CoinStats.