Reinventing the Web with Brave Browser and Unstoppable Domains 

May 13, 2021·Last updated on May 13, 2021

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Unstoppable Domains and Brave integrate to enable 30 million more users to natively browse .crypto websites on Brave browser via Desktop and Android. 

Today, we're proud to announce that we've joined forces with Brave to introduce native support for .crypto blockchain domains on Brave’s browser via Android and on Desktop through a simple one-click DoH configuration. This will allow over 30 million monthly Brave users to seamlessly access the decentralized Web, bringing us one step closer to the next generation of the Internet, one where privacy matters and users take back control. 

As more browsers continue to integrate with .crypto domains, Unstoppable Domains is revolutionizing the way users surf the internet. This partnership with Brave will allow even more users to delve further into the world of Web3 in a frictionless manner, with the added confidence and protection that Brave’s leading privacy and security features offer against tracking and hacking. 

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“At Brave, we see Web3 as a stepping stone to the future of digital ownership and decentralization,” said Brian Bondy, co-founder, and CTO of Brave.  “Unstoppable Domains was a natural fit for us, giving our users access to the decentralized web with the ability to visit any .crypto domain name."

What does this new Internet mean? 

Your privacy is valued

Today your data and personal information are owned and controlled by tech giants who not only act as gatekeepers of your online identity, but use it to profit. This has created a vulnerable environment in which users have little to no control over how their data is protected or used. Thanks to blockchain technology, Web3 will give back control to users, giving people ownership to what rightfully belongs to them, their online identities. 


Decentralized technology has the power to change the world and shape the future of how we view and share information; it removes the often greedy middleperson. Decentralized websites are hosted on storage networks like IPFS or Decentralized DNS, not controlled by any central authority. This grants true ownership, openness, and transparency that breaks us free from the dominance of giant centralized corporations. 

Security and reliability

Without a central point of failure, .crypto domains on Web3 are resistant to many of the weaknesses inherent in today's internet. Serverless and peer-to-peer distributed networks ensure high-security levels such that user data is not hacked, stolen, or tracked. Centralized parties are often held unaccountable for data hacks and leaks, while having the decision-making power as to how information is filtered and ranked. With the move towards Web3 and decentralization, we'll be able to create an internet with both information and security we can trust.

Start Exploring The New Internet 

Users can access 30,000+ decentralized websites that are now live. Here are a few great projects to start exploring via Brave or any of our other supported browsers:


Huddle 01 is a new decentralized video conferencing platform for remote learning. Since schools went remote in early 2020, teachers and students had to learn to adjust to a new kind of learning - one that most would say falls short of the in-person learning experience. Huddle 01 seeks to solve that problem with a platform that’s optimized for speed, audio/video quality, cheaper data storage, and collaboration. They seek to mimic the in-person learning experience as closely as possible in a virtual setting.


Some Web3 sites are just for fun, and one of my favorites is TinyRacing, a racing game that was built by our team at Unstoppable Domains. This has become my go-to game to play on Web3 when I need a distraction from work. Tweet me your best guess @ddwchen on how many times you think I’ve played TinyRacing since starting to write this blog post, and I’ll give the winner a shoutout.


Decentralized Tube, or DTube, is the decentralized version of YouTube. What this means is that, unlike YouTube, DTube is built on the blockchain, is censorship-resistant, and rewards creators in cryptocurrency. Rather than show view counts, DTube shows how much money (in DTC) each video has generated. Viewers can pay creators directly for their content, which means that creators receive 100% of the money they make rather than a small fraction of their earnings on YouTube. 


One of the newest use cases for .crypto Web3 sites is the NFT gallery. You can now display your NFTs in a gallery view with your .crypto blockchain domain. Cryptonio123art.crypto has a really impressive collection, some others you might want to check out are frankynines.crypto and graffitikings.crypto.  

Thank you for helping us fix the Internet 

We owe a giant thank you to all of our Unstoppable supporters. Thank you for believing in our mission and cheering us on along the way. Together, we're on our way to onboarding 3 billion people to the decentralized Web.

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