Bandit Network adds support for Unstoppable Web3 domains

Nov 09, 2022·Last updated on Nov 09, 2022

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Bandit Network, the ambitious NFT aggregator platform, has added support for Unstoppable Web3 domains. Now the UDfam can easily log into the Bandit Network using their digital identities. In addition, anyone in the Bandit community can now get an Unstoppable domain for free! 

The decentralized Bandit is unstoppable

Today, Bandit Network also launched their highly anticipated "Minter SBT," a non-transferable Soul Bound Token (SBT) that proves that a wallet owner minted an NFT regardless of whether the NFT is sold or transferred. Minter SBTs are "Soul Bound Tokens" that cannot be sold or transferred once minted. They will remain in the owner’s wallet forever, ultimately proving that they were here before the hype. 

"With our mission to be the biggest truly decentralized NFT platform, interoperability is key," said Sandesh Suvarna, Founder at Bandit Network. "That’s why we wanted to partner with Unstoppable Domains, which is not only widely supported in the ecosystem but is also willing to provide free Web3 domains to our decentralized community."

Unstoppable Domains supports nearly 300 coins and tokens across multiple chains. They range from Ethereum to Binance Chain, and include Solana – a key chain for creators and NFT enthusiasts on Bandit. 

A domain to start your arty success story

“With our recent Solana support, Web3 domains are the best way for Bandit network creators to save their brand, protect their IP, identity, and to display their creations in Web3,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “We are proud to provide free domains to the project members through and to make Web3 domains the start of many NFT success stories.”

Unstoppable domains are minted on the blockchain with zero gas fees and stored in a crypto wallet. Once you mint an Unstoppable domain, it’s yours forever, with no renewal fees. Get one today by logging in on Bandit and making the NFT of your choice a SoulBoundToken: