Oct 11, 2019

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Why .crypto?

.Crypto is a domain registry for the entire crypto community. We want the system to be used for sending money in any cryptocurrency, for sending in every wallet, and used in every decentralized application.

Blockchain domains are not just for payments. .Crypto is a necessary tool for building an entirely separate internet from what we use today — one that’s decentralized.

The current internet is full of gatekeepers who control our behavior, and who lock us in and out of our digital lives. .Crypto was built to give freedom back to users. You decide what to publish and what transactions you engage in on the internet. No company or 3rd party, including Unstoppable Domains, can take away your domain.

Key Dates

October 11th–21st

  • Buy one, get one free — buy a .zil domain (8 characters or more) and get the same .crypto domain free.
  • Buy a .zil domain and also receive $1 to $1 store credits to use towards additional domains. This deal ends on October 21st at 3pm PST.
  • Credits for .zil purchases will no longer be distributed after October 21st at 3pm PST. Buy One, Get One Free ends October 21st at 3pm PST.

October 22nd–31st (for .zil purchases made before October 21st at 3pm PST)

Update: Right of first refusal has been extended to December 15th 2019. Please see your “My Deals” dashboard.

  • Domain credits — Buyers of .zil domains will receive domain credits in their account and can immediately use them to register .zil or .crypto domains.
  • Right of first refusal — Buyers of .zil domains will have the option to buy the equivalent .crypto domain at a 50% discount. You will have until December 15th 2019 3PM PST to decide.
  • Registration of .crypto domains will open on October 22nd.

December 11th:

  • .Crypto domains will go live on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Management features go live — users can claim domains and add crypto addresses.

What will .crypto and .zil domains be used for?

Payments — Replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. I own myname.crypto, I attach all of my crypto addresses to it, and I get paid in any currency.

Websites — Building uncensorable websites. I own mybusiness.crypto, I store my content on decentralized storage, I point my domain to my content. Now I have a website only I can put up and take down.

What’s next?

We’re excited to now support two domain extensions — .zil on the Zilliqa blockchain, which has low fees and .crypto on the Ethereum blockchain, which has a larger community.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with us. Let’s spread free speech around the globe.

The Unstoppable Team

Want to learn more about .crypto?

Our co-founder Brad was a guest on Anthony Pompliano’s Off The Chain Podcast and you can listen to their .crypto discussion here.