’s 81 million wallets can now receive crypto using all Unstoppable Domains

Mar 31, 2022·Last updated on Mar 31, 2022

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The community is 37 million strong in over 200 countries. As of today they can use all Unstoppable Domain endings to combine separate wallet addresses for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and up to 275+ other cryptos into a single, easy-to-read Web3 domain name.

Current endings include: .nft, .dao, .crypto, .wallet, .bitcoin, .x, .888, .coin, and .zil

Replacing a complicated wallet address like 0x71C7656EC7ab88b098defB751B7401B5f6d8976F with [YourName].wallet makes it way easier for everyone to send and receive crypto. 

“It’s critical that we make crypto easier to use and more accessible for all,”’s Senior Product Manager Amadeo Pellicce said. “And our partnership with Unstoppable Domains helps make crypto more useful to more people.”

Universal Crypto Address is one of the many benefits of which’s 81 million wallets can now take full advantage.

Just like IRL, a lot of Web3 benefits like rewards and access to special events, scale directly with your reputation.

If you want to get the most out of it, people need to know who you are and see what you’ve contributed. That’s where Unstoppable Domains comes in.

A Web3 domain is your real name in the digital world and represents your identity and reputation across Web3.

  • NFT Avatars
    Level-up your Web3 profile picture and verify ownership of your favorite NFT by combining it with your Unstoppable Domain to create a verified NFT Avatar to represent you across the metaverse.
  • Login With Unstoppable
    Use your Unstoppable Domain to access all of Web3 and leave passwords in the past. When one name grants universal access to your favorite dApps and sites, you’re free to master the metaverse.
  • Humanity Check
    Prove to dApps you’re a unique human without sharing your personal data, so devs can boot the bots and reward actual people with reputation-building incentives and exclusive experiences for community contributions .
  • Fee-Free Lifetime Ownership
    Once you buy an Unstoppable Domain, ownership is lifelong and fee free. No renewal fees. No gas fees. Just total control over a Web3 domain that no one can take from you without permission - not even us.      

It’s your name.
It’s your identity.
It’s you. Own it.

So if you own a Blockchain Wallet, what are you waiting for? Get your Unstoppable Domain today!