Unstoppable Domains 2021 Giveaway - $100M+ Airdrop Terms & Conditions

Jun 15, 2021·Last updated on Sep 07, 2021

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Update: As of September 7, 2021, we are offering customers the opportunity to opt-in to convert any remaining Promo Credits that remain in their accounts on September 20, 2021 at 11:59 PDT into .blockchain credits (“.blockchain Credits”) which can ONLY be used towards the purchase of .blockchain domains once they are released (date to be announced later on). These .blockchain Credits will remain valid up until December 31, 2021 at 11:59pm PDT.

In order to convert your Promo Credit into .blockchain Credits, Entrants must opt in before September 20, 2021 at 11:59 PDT by electing to do so in their UD accounts.  

To opt in to extend the Promo Credits, please log in to the UD account, then navigate to: Account Settings -> scroll down to the section that says “Promo Credit Conversion” and  click Opt-IN button.

Entrants who opt in will see their remaining Promo Credits converted to .blockchain Credits on September 21, 2021. 

All other Terms & Conditions below shall remain in effect.

UpdateAs of June 16, 2021 the Airdrop Qualification Period has been extended through 8:59am PDT on June 22, 2021. Promotion Credits will be airdropped into Entrant’s’ accounts at 9:00am PDT on June 17, 2021 if accrued by the original Airdrop Qualification Period deadline, or at 9:00am PDT on June 22, 2021 if accrued during the extended Airdrop Qualification Period. Promotion Credits will now expire at 11:59pm PDT on September 20, 2021. Please see below for full Terms & Conditions.


Unstoppable Domains 2021 $100M+ Airdrop (the “Airdrop”) is sponsored by Unstoppable Domains Inc., a Delaware corporation (“UD”), located at 8465 W. Sahara Ave., Ste. 111, Unit #1017, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States.


The Airdrop is open to any individual (an “Entrant”) who:

  • is 18 years of age or older, and
  • has purchased a domain from UD through the UD website with US dollars or cryptocurrencies accepted by UD (a “Qualified Purchase”) by 8:59am PDT on June 22, 2021 (the “Airdrop Qualification Period”).

“Qualified Purchase” shall include only the purchase of the UD domain itself and shall not include the purchase of any claim credits.  For example, if an Entrant purchased a $40 UD domain and a $40 claim credit in a transaction, only the purchase of the $40 UD domain shall be considered a Qualified Purchase.

Purchases originally made with store credit shall not be considered Qualified Purchases.  Free domains, domains granted by UD to a customer free of charge, or any domains otherwise received by a customer free of charge, shall not be considered Qualified Purchases.

Participation in the Airdrop is subject to these Terms & Conditions (the “Terms & Conditions”).  Utilization of the Promotion Credits (as defined below) shall constitute Entrant’s consent to these Terms & Conditions, including UD’s Privacy Policy located at https://unstoppabledomains.com/privacy-policy (the “Privacy Policy”).


Unstoppable Domains online store credits (“Promotion Credits”) will be awarded based on dollar amount spent during the Airdrop Qualification Period.  For each US dollar spent by the Entrant on Qualified Purchases during the Airdrop Qualification Period, UD will issue Promotion Credits good for $3.00 worth of UD blockchain domain names to the Entrant.  For purposes of the Airdrop, Promotion Credits will accrue at the time the Qualified Purchase is completed.

Promotion Credits can be used toward the purchase of any blockchain domain that is available for sale or pre-sale on the UD website.  For the avoidance of doubt, Promotion Credits may be used toward pre-sale reservation of any forthcoming domain that is listed as available on the UD website. 

However, Promotion Credits cannot be used toward claim fees to claim a domain, or toward any other blockchain fees to be paid to the blockchain.  UD will not cover any domain name claiming costs on Ethereum Layer 1.  Promotion Credits are not redeemable for US Dollars, other fiat currency, or cryptocurrency, under any circumstances.


Promotion Credits accrued on or before 8:59am PDT on June 17, 2021 will be automatically applied to the Entrant’s UD account at 9:00am PDT on June 17, 2021 (the “First Airdrop”).

Promotion Credits accrued from 9:00am PDT, June 17, 2021 through 8:59am PDT on June 22nd, 2021 will be automatically applied to the Entrant’s UD account at 9:00am on June 22, 2021 (the “Second Airdrop” and collectively with the First Airdrop, the “Airdrop”).

All Promotion Credits granted in connection with this Airdrop will expire at 11:59pm PDT on Monday, September 20, 2021.


Unless otherwise stated in the Terms of Service posted on the UD website, all fees for domain name registrations and related domain name Service(s) are refundable, for a full refund of the purchase price, within 14 days of purchase, with the exception of those domain name registrations and related domain name Service(s) purchased with crypto, for which UD must receive a refund request within 5 days of purchase.

Please note that in order to receive a refund from Unstoppable Domains, a customer must transfer the purchased domain back to our corporate account, and must forfeit any additional promotional items or credits granted in connection with the purchase, including additional domains bought with promotional credit granted by the original purchase. If a customer has claimed any domains bought with promotional credit granted by the original purchase, they must also return these domains to our corporate account in order to receive a refund. 

All refunds shall be made in the original payment method used, at the then-current spot rates for the USD value of the purchase at the time the refund is issued, or in store credit. 

All purchases made with Promotion Credits are NON-REFUNDABLE, and are not eligible for exchanges under any circumstances.  Domains purchased with Promotion Credits cannot be exchanged for alternative or equivalent products, even when a typo is made.

This Refund Policy shall supersede the refund policy posted on the Terms of Use dated as of June 2021, located at https://unstoppabledomains.com/terms (the “Terms of Use”), and in the event of any conflict between the Terms of Use and these Terms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions shall control.


.zil and .crypto addresses are currently available for sale.  However, the forthcoming top level domain extensions advertised (.blockchain, .bitcoin, .nft, .coin, .x, .dao, .wallet, and .888) are currently available for pre-sale only.  Entrant understands and agrees that any domains purchased on the .blockchain, .bitcoin, .nft, .coin, .x, .dao, .wallet, and .888 registries will not be immediately available to claim, and will become available at a later date.

Entrant understands and agrees that UD’s domains are not usable until they are claimed.


The Airdrop is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, these Terms & Conditions, the Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy.

Entrant understands and agrees that ownership or purchase of a domain on one or more UD domain registries does not mean that Entrant will own or have the option the corollary domain on a different registry.  For example, owning the domain “janedoe.bitcoin” does NOT mean that Entrant will own “janedoe.x”, nor necessarily have the option to purchase “janedoe.x”.  “Janedoe.x” may be purchased by, or may have already been purchased by, another user. UD cannot guarantee availability of any given name and does not take special requests or make exceptions.

By claiming or using Promotion Credits, Entrants agree to abide by and be bound by the Terms & Conditions and by the decisions of UD with respect to the Airdrop.  UD’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.  In the event there is an alleged or actual ambiguity, discrepancy or inconsistency between statements contained in any Airdrop-related materials and the Terms & Conditions (including any alleged discrepancy or inconsistency in these Terms & Conditions), it will be resolved by UD in its sole discretion.

UD is not responsible for: (i) any problems or technical malfunctions, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation of transmission, communication failures (including but not limited to failures or malfunctions of phone lines, telephone systems or other communications systems), destruction of or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, records of a customer’s purchase(s); (ii) failed or unavailable hardware, network, software or telephone transmissions that prevent records of an Entrant’s purchase(s) from being received by UD; (iii) causes beyond UD’s reasonable control that jeopardize the administration, security, integrity or proper conduct of this Airdrop; (iv) incorrect or inaccurate record information whether caused by a customer or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Airdrop; (v) any typographical or other error in the printing or advertising related to the Airdrop, in the administration or execution of the Airdrop, or in the notification of Promotion Credits awarded; or (vi) any violation of the Terms & Conditions, cheating or fraud by any individual.

UD may suspend, terminate or modify the Airdrop at any time if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the Airdrop cannot be executed as provided herein for any reason, including, without limitation, because of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of UD that corrupt or affect the security, administration, or integrity of this Airdrop.



By claiming or using Promotion Credits, each Entrant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless UD, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all liability, loss, injuries or damages associated with participation in this Airdrop or the acceptance, possession or use of any Promotion Credits received in this Airdrop.


By claiming or using Promotion Credits, Entrants agree that (i) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of, or connected with, this Airdrop or any prize awarded (if applicable) shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and shall be determined exclusively by arbitration as provided in the following paragraph; (ii) any and all claims, judgments and awards to the Entrant shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred,  but in no event shall the Entrant be awarded attorneys’ fees; and (iii) to the extent allowed by applicable law, Entrant hereby waives all rights to claim attorneys’ fees, punitive, incidental and/or consequential damages and/or any other damages, other than out-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased.

Except as otherwise required by a non-waivable provision of applicable law, any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to the Airdrop shall be determined by arbitration in San Francisco, California, United States before one arbitrator who has at least three years of arbitration experience.  The arbitration shall be administered by JAMS pursuant to its Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures.  Judgment on the award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.  This clause shall not preclude parties from seeking provisional remedies in aid of arbitration from a court of appropriate jurisdiction in San Francisco County, California, or if such proceeding cannot be lawfully held in such location, as near thereto as applicable law permits.  In any arbitration arising out of or related to the Airdrop, the arbitrator shall award to the prevailing party, if any, the costs and attorneys’ fees reasonably incurred by the prevailing party in connection with the arbitration, provided, however, that the Entrant may not be awarded attorneys’ fees, as provided above.  If the arbitrator determines a party to be the prevailing party under circumstances where the prevailing party won on some but not all of the claims and counterclaims, the arbitrator may award the prevailing party an appropriate percentage of the costs (and, if UD is the prevailing party, may award UD an appropriate percentage of attorneys’ fees) reasonably incurred by the prevailing party in connection with the arbitration.

All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the Terms & Conditions or the rights and obligations of any individual or UD in connection with the Airdrop shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Delaware without giving effect to any conflict of law principles.

These Terms & Conditions shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Entrant, UD and their respective heirs, successors and assigns.  Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits.

All trademarks used in these Terms & Conditions are the property of their respective owners.