The Time Is Now for Developers to Integrate Unstoppable

May 02, 2024·Last updated on May 02, 2024

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The way we communicate online is changing fast, and XMTP is at the forefront of this shift. If you're not familiar with it yet, get ready because XMTP adoption is booming, and it's making a big impact.

Imagine a world where staying connected isn't just easy, but also secure and decentralized. That's precisely what XMTP offers, and the latest update on its widespread usage within the industry is nothing short of exhilarating.

Just last year, we introduced Unstoppable Messaging, powered by XMTP, setting the stage for a revolution in how users interact with each other using their Web3 domains. And now, the numbers speak volumes.

With over 1.9 million reachable identities on the XMTP network, the sheer scale of digital identity users ready to be messaged is staggering. But it doesn't stop there – there are over 24 million activated wallets, indicating a robust adoption of this decentralized, end-to-end encrypted chat protocol.

What's truly remarkable is the significant presence of Unstoppable Web3 domains within this ecosystem. At a whopping 25.9% of the total reachable identities, it's evident that a considerable portion of our users are actively engaging with the network and reaping the benefits of all the great features available for Web3 domains from Unstoppable.

For developers, this isn't just another statistic; it's a game-changer. The rise of Unstoppable Web3 domains opens up unparalleled avenues for staying connected with your core user base. With increased usage in domains from Unstoppable, now is the time to integrate Web3 domains into your platform to improve your user-experience. Whether you're a wallet looking to simplify on-chain transactions or a dApp looking to allow easy login with advanced analytics via our Unstoppable Login SSO, web3 domains are your best next step towards taking your project to the next level.

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