Pudgy Penguins and Unstoppable Launch .PUDGY: The First-Ever NFT Community-Focused Web3 Domain TLD

Feb 23, 2024·Last updated on Feb 23, 2024

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Huddle up! .PUDGY is here! 🐧

We're excited to announce a cool new partnership with Pudgy Penguins, the widely popular Web3 brand, to introduce the first-ever NFT Community-Focused Web3 Domain TLD.

Powered by Unstoppable, .PUDGY domains pack a punch with features tailored for the Web3 future, including seamless crypto transactions and customizable Profiles.

Earn Badges based on the number of .PUDGY domains you own to showcase on your Profile and gain access to an exclusive Group Chat with Unstoppable Messaging, connecting you with fellow .PUDGY enthusiasts.

  • Penguin Participant: Holds at least 1 .pudgy domain
  • Polar Patron: Holds at least 5 .pudgy domains
  • Icicle Icon: Holds at least 10 .pudgy domains
  • Penguin Pinnacle: Holds at least 50 .pudgy domains
  • Arctic Authority: Holds at least 100 .pudgy domains
  • Penguin Prestige: Holds at least 500 .pudgy domains

Become a Pudgy Ambassador: Join the Movement

Are you passionate about all things Pudgy? Consider joining our .Pudgy Arctic Ambassador program. As an ambassador, you'll promote and popularize .pudgy by sharing your own experiences with .pudgy and crafting unique content. Plus, you'll receive the prestigious Pudgy Ambassador Badge, granting access to the most elite Group Chat. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the .PUDGY movement. Application period closes on March 23rd.

Sign up to become an Ambassador today!

Share Your .PUDGY Story: #PudgyUDStories

We want to hear from you! Share what your .PUDGY means to you through videos, images, and blogs. To celebrate the diversity and creativity of the .pudgy community, post your stories on Twitter (X), Instagram, Facebook or Discord using the hashtag #PudgyUDStories for a chance to be featured in a special series on our website and win one of three rare and highly sought-after .PUDGY domains! We will select a winner at the end of each month for the next three months to win one of three rare highly sought-after 1-letter .PUDGY premium domains. We look forward to hearing your best stories! 🚀

Unstoppable is proud to give Pudgy fans a personalized username to show support for their incredibly cool community, alongside their treasured NFTs.

Get your .PUDGY domain today!