OKLink Blockchain Explorer Integrates Unstoppable

Mar 11, 2024·Last updated on Mar 11, 2024

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We’re proud to announce our partnership with OKLink, the all in one blockchain explorer, to help provide in-depth crypto transaction data to our users!

This collaborative effort empowers users with crypto transaction data connected to Unstoppable domains, eliminating the cumbersome process of copying and pasting lengthy wallet addresses. Now, users can effortlessly view on-chain transaction activity associated with Web3 domains from Unstoppable, enhancing transparency and visibility within the Web3 ecosystem.

  • View on-chain data: Look up any Unstoppable Web3 domain on OKLink to explore transactions and connected on-chain data.
  • View human-readable Web3 domains: Interact with the blockchain using easy-to-read names like sandy.pudgy and say goodbye to complicated wallet addresses!
  • Unlocking endless possibilities with Unstoppable: OKLink users can use their Web3 domain from Unstoppable to access more than 860 integrations, send and receive crypto on 165 wallets, log into over 470 apps, games and metaverses, and manage their digital identity.

This partnership marks a significant milestone towards improving accessibility and transparency of on-chain transactions. By combining Unstoppable's expertise in domain management with OKLink's robust blockchain exploration capabilities, users can enjoy the benefits of improved readability in the crypto space.

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