Celebrating Connections: Highlights from NFT.NYC 2024! 🌟

Apr 12, 2024·Last updated on Apr 12, 2024

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We’ve returned from an unforgettable experience at NFT.NYC 2024! Unstoppable is proud to be able to attend such events with such a vast congregation of innovative individuals and teams. The people truly make the difference, and at NFT.NYC, the power of in-person meetings eclipsed virtual interactions by far. There's simply nothing that beats connecting In Real Life, which is why we never take these moments for granted and maximize our opportunity to get involved in groundbreaking conversations.

We cherish the diversity of individuals we met, reconnected with, and bonded with at NFT.NYC 2024. From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, the atmosphere was rich with opportunities to forge meaningful connections and collaborations.

Here's a recap of the electrifying moments that made NFT.NYC 2024 unforgettable!

Productive Partner Meetings

Unstoppable engaged in over 36 partner meetings, including fruitful discussions regarding new avenues for synergy and growth within the Web3 ecosystem. It was a pleasure to meet with some of the most impactful companies in this space to explore how we can further collaborate and take our industry to the next level and push the goal post forward and foster innovation by working together. We would like to give a big shout out to all the incredible partners we met:, Metarides, Wallet Connect, Bitpay, Polygon, OpenSea, Magic Eden, POG, Webacy, Kraken, Algorand, Sleepagotchi, OMA3, The Sandbox, OVR, Metropolis, Alchemy, European Web3 Organization, Mojito, Animoca Brands, Hive, Lazy Lions, Trust, Upland, CryptoPunks, YUGA, CTW, Hedera, Mastercard, Secret Network Foundation, BitBasel, POAP, Google, GBM, Pudgy Penguins, Bitmart, Casio, AfricaRare, Amazon Web Services, and World of Women.

Inspiring Keynotes

We took the opportunity to host two powerful keynotes, sparking thought-provoking conversations and driving inspiration among our attendees. Our founder & CEO, Matt Gould, gave an insightful and forward-thinking discussion about “Making the Internet Safer by Bringing Domains On Chain”, explaining why utilizing blockchain technology for domain name systems is massively beneficial and a necessary move for the safety of the online user experience as we move further into the digital age.

Our COO, Sandy Carter, gave an incredible speech about “Verifying On-Chain Reputation With NFT Digital Identities”, discussing how Unstoppable is using blockchain’s non-fungible token technologies to reinvent how user identities are stored and verified in a more reliable and robust manner.

Two Major Announcements

It was during our keynotes sessions that Sandy made two groundbreaking partnership announcements. In an exciting unveiling, it was announced that Unstoppable has partnered with Brand Safety Alliance (BSA) as the first Web3 domain provider to join the GlobalBlock program. Now, companies have the ability to protect their global brand IP across all of our 20 web extensions and partner extensions, alongside hundreds of Web2 top-level domains. This marks an incredible milestone in brand protection, enabling blocking across Web2 and Web3!

It was also revealed that Unstoppable has partnered with POG Digital, the interoperable universal gaming ecosystem brought to you by THE WORLD POG FEDERATION™, a cherished 90's game and collectibles brand, to introduce our 13th partner TLD, .POG! In our mission to provide digital identity to every individual online, we’re proud to give brands (and countries) their own unique domains for their communities to signal their involvement, take control of their identities, and vastly improve their Web3 experience.

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Insightful Industry Panels

Our Unstoppable presence was felt in four dynamic industry panels, where we shared insights and perspectives alongside leaders from Orbis86, Secret Network Foundation, Unstoppable Women of Web3, and Google Cloud Partners, enriching the discourse around key topics in the space.

Unforgettable Evenings

Sometimes, the best way to get to better know like-minded individuals in the industry is to let loose and connect on a more casual level. We enjoyed evenings filled with exclusive parties and entertainment, including a dazzling Broadway performance that added an extra touch of magic to the NFT.NYC festivities, creating lasting memories and stronger relationships for all involved.

The media buzz surrounding NFT.NYC 2024 was nothing short of remarkable, with features on ÂTTN.LIVE, The Swop, a cameo in the Crypto Megan documentary, double-takes on MetaOne news, and shared insights on the prestigious Forbes Crypto stage, amplifying our message and reach. We can not extend enough appreciation for helping to push the Unstoppable message to a wider audience and advocating for the wider Web3 space as a whole!

A heartfelt shoutout to the incredible partners who joined us on this journey and our amazing attendees who came to support a future where individual’s identities are owned and controlled by the user in an open and borderless digital landscape.

Most importantly, NFT.NYC 2024 was a week of Unstoppable energy, collaboration, and celebration, reaffirming the importance of in-person connections in driving progress and shaping the future of Web3.

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