Pudgy Penguins Are Unstoppable

Feb 24, 2024·Last updated on Feb 24, 2024

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Unstoppable Domains is very excited to announce our collaboration with Pudgy Penguins with the new “.pudgy” top level domain (tld) for their community! This is wonderful validation of the vision we’ve had at Unstoppable Domains since the beginning. All brands will eventually want to have their own domain extensions for their customers. And we’re excited to be working with Pudgy Penguins, a leader in the NFT space, to demonstrate just how powerful this new form of identity marketing can be for a brand.

Pudgy Penguins has set out to be “the face of NFTs” and over the past 2 years have done an exceptional job executing on this vision. Their ability to get in front of customers and grab their attention - at Walmart, on Instagram, everywhere - has been a core part of their vision and strategy. And with the addition of the “.pudgy” TLD they are adding another strong tool in their tool kit to grab their customers attention. Now when you are on socials and see someone else with a “.pudgy” TLD you’ll be interacting with the Pudgy Penguins brand. And you’ll be able to demonstrate your support for Pudgy Penguins regardless of the platform you’re on. It’s the digital equivalent of the traditional startup swag.

We are still early in exploring the impact of enabling consumers to identify with brands and communities online with TLDs, but there are several striking examples of success already in the web3 world. For instance the “.eth”, “polygon”, and “.sol” TLDs have become synonymous with Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana respectively, and both and BinanceUS have rolled out TLDs to their users. Each of these have seen over 100,000+ users on their respective branded TLDs and will likely reach millions over the next several years.

For Pudgy Penguins, you can imagine the hundreds of thousands of toys being paired with free digital NFT domains and their emerging game ecosystem adopting and using their “.pudgy” naming system in their assets. These users will then go around advocating for the brand simply by using their name on socials or in the games they play. And now whenever you need to send your Pudgy Penguin friend crypto you can simply type in their “.pudgy” name. This is just what exists today, before the future of digital identity has even fully been built out.

Currently users can built their profiles on and showcase their Pudgy Penguin NFTs. They can also connect with others in the huddle with messaging - gated by the ownership of a Pudgy Penguin or a Pudgy Penguin domain name. Because these profiles are intended to expand and grow with communities we expect to see more data shared and added by users to their profiles. From wallet data like recent transactions and holdings, to social data like friends list and trends, this is a network that can grow as the community expands bringing more utility with every new user onboard.

We’re excited to work with brands in web3 to help extend the reach of their communities. And we are particularly excited to work with Pudgy Penguins given their history of brand innovation. Every view, every transaction, every connection is another reminder of the Pudgy Penguin brand and an extension of their mission to be the face of NFTs. The Huddle is strong.

-Matthew Gould

If you’re interested in building a TLD with us for your community please get in touch at We can help your brand reach your consumers where they are - online in the digital economy. We look forward to working together!