GlobalBlock Enables Support for Unstoppable

Apr 04, 2024·Last updated on Apr 04, 2024

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Is your brand protected? Now, you can safeguard your web3 extensions in addition to web2 domains.

We’ve joined GlobalBlock, a revolutionary domain name blocking service recently launched by the Brand Safety Alliance (BSA), as the only web3 domain provider to date, offering companies the ability to protect their global brand IP across all 20 web extensions and partner extensions alongside hundreds of Web2 top-level domains:

  • .nft
  • .x
  • .crypto
  • .blockchain
  • .bitcoin
  • .anime
  • .polygon
  • .dao
  • .unstoppable
  • .wallet
  • .888
  • .go
  • .zil
  • .kresus
  • .klever
  • .hi
  • .anime
  • .manga
  • .binanceUS
  • .pudgy

This empowers businesses to block their brand names from being registered by third parties, addressing brand protection challenges that have long persisted in the Web3 space. With a staggering 46% increase in online brand spoofing and impersonation in 2022, now is the time to take action.

Domain blocking plays a crucial role in mitigating brand infringement and ensuring a secure digital presence, offering a proactive approach towards enhancing your brand protection strategy.

Here are some key benefits of GlobalBlock:

  1. Enhanced Brand Protection: Stay ahead of potential threats and brand infringement by proactively securing your brand's presence in the digital realm.
  2. Unprecedented Scale: Block brand names and marks at scale across all extensions offered by Unstoppable.
  3. Web3 Advancements: This represents a milestone in Web3, making domain blocking accessible and effective for brands navigating the decentralized digital landscape.

Don't leave your brand vulnerable to impersonation and infringement. Find out how GlobalBlock can help protect your brand online today! Visit Or, purchase your brand name today at Unstoppable.