Buy & Sell Crypto at Unstoppable

Mar 05, 2024·Last updated on Mar 05, 2024

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At Unstoppable, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive services and features all in one convenient location.

We're thrilled to announce that you can now buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from our website, thanks to our partnership with accredited crypto exchange, MoonPay.

With Unstoppable Web3 domains, sending and receiving crypto is as easy as using readable domain names. No more complex wallet addresses! With the ability to seamlessly acquire cryptocurrency directly from our website, domain-to-domain and domain-to-wallet transactions have never been smoother. And the best part…It's all powered by the wallet where your domain name is stored.

Ready to dive in?

Currently, you can buy and sell 8 of the hottest cryptocurrencies*, including:

  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • MATIC (Polygon)
  • BTC (Bitcoin)
  • SOL (Solana)
  • USDC (Ethereum)
  • wETH (Polygon)
  • Aave (Ethereum)
  • wBTC (Ethereum)

With a variety of payment options ranging from credit/debit card, bank transfer, Google Pay and Apple Pay, it’s now easier than ever to buy and sell crypto.**

Stay tuned, we're just getting started! Expect more providers, more cryptocurrencies, and exciting new features on the horizon.

*Please note that certain cryptocurrencies may not be available depending on your location. Click here for more information.

**Available payment options vary depending on location.

How to buy and sell crypto at Unstoppable

To begin purchasing crypto on the Unstoppable website, you will need to have an Unstoppable or .eth domain claimed to your wallet.

1. With the wallet connected to your account, go to My Domains and select Manage next to a domain.

2. From the left-side navigation menu, select Buy & Sell Crypto to begin buying or selling crypto.

3. If buying a currency compatible with EVM wallet address, the funds will be deposited into the wallet where your domain name is stored. For non-compatible currencies, you will be prompted to specify a destination wallet.