Introducing .Austin: Celebrating Creativity and Community Spirit in the Heart of Texas

Mar 12, 2024·Last updated on Mar 12, 2024

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New Partnership Alert! 🚨

We're excited to announce an incredible partnership with Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce. 🤝

Say howdy to .Austin 🤠, the first city-centric superpowered web3 domain that leverages blockchain technology for maximum security and transparency. Minted on the Polygon network, these domains capture the vibrancy, creativity, and community spirit that Austin, Texas, is renowned for. This collaboration not only solidifies Austin's status as a welcoming and pioneering tech hub but also provides a unique platform for both residents and visitors to connect with each other and the city on a whole new level.

What is .Austin?

.Austin is more than just a domain extension; it represents the aspiration to foster stronger connections within the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce community. It empowers 2.4m residents of Central Texas, and its visitors, to own their digital identities and express their connection with the vibrant city. These domains have been curated for all to embrace the diversity and creativity it’s renowned for.

Key Features of .Austin:

  • Express Your Love for Austin: Whether you're a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, .Austin offers a distinct way to demonstrate your affection for the city. By registering a .Austin domain, you're not just claiming your universal online username – you're joining a passionate community that celebrates all things Austin.
  • Contact the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce team: .Austin makes it easier than ever to connect with the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce team. Whether you're seeking recommendations for must-visit attractions, planning an event, or simply looking for insider tips, your .Austin domain serves as a direct line of communication with the city's official tourism organization.
  • Send and Receive Cryptocurrency: Embracing Austin's forward-thinking ethos as a tech hub, .Austin facilitates seamless cryptocurrency transactions. Whether you're sending payments, receiving donations, or engaging in peer-to-peer transactions, .Austin ensures simple and secure digital currency transactions for individuals and businesses.
  • Exclusive Badge Offer during SXSW: As the excitement of SXSW (South by Southwest) takes over the city from March 8th to 16th, we're thrilled to offer a limited-time opportunity to snag an exclusive "Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce" badge. Simply register your .Austin domain during SXSW to claim this limited-edition badge and showcase your support for one of Austin's vibrant communities.

Whether you're a local entrepreneur, a global innovator, or an avid traveler, .Austin invites you to be part of something truly special. Embrace the spirit of Austin and make your mark on the digital landscape with a .Austin domain.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to become part of the .Austin community. Register your domain today and let's celebrate the creativity, diversity, and community spirit that make Austin one of the most beloved cities in the world!

👉 Join the .Austin community today!