Hackathon Showcase Series Part 8

Aug 26, 2022·Last updated on Aug 26, 2022

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Summer might be winding down but Unstoppable hackthons are heating up. 

From defi dapps to charitable NFT projects, this batch shows the true ingenuity of the UD community and devs across web3. This batch is from Gitcoin GR 14 and the Encode Polygon Hackathon.

About this series: In our Hackathon Showcase Series, we will bring you a weekly update of projects that are outcomes from hackathon participants and projects that incorporate our login feature using your NFT domain. We’re delighted to feature these projects and shout out some gratitude for supporting our product.

Check out thirteen more awesome projects below, and catch up on last week's showcase here!


Launch your NFTs or cryptocurrencies on any EVM supported chain in just few clicks with no extra fees or hidden charges. DappTools uses OpenZeppelin's battle tested and secure standard contract library so there’s no need to write code or hire a developer.

Crypto Wallet Topup

Add crypto to your wallet using a credit card, debit card or bank transfer. With more than 100 countries and territories supported and offering with over 60 currencies, users can pay in their local currency almost anywhere to get over 80+ different cryptocurrencies.

Fund My Musician

Give Tokens to your favorite musicians by listening to their music or watching their videos. Or if you’re a musician, earn tokens yourself by having fans interact with your content. 


Create an on-chain playlist of your favorite music, linked right to your wallet! 

NFT Viewer

Login with Unstoppable to see all NFTs that you hold in one place. 


Upload your images to the blockchain and keep your memories intact forever with this gateway to unlimited storage. By putting your photos on the blockchain at zero cost, you can safe-lock the memories you cherish most.


Tipping your favorite creators is now easier than ever - this platform lets you tip anonymously with crypto, or pay with card (coming soon), all from your decentralized wallet.


Upload and seamlessly share files on the blockchain using your wallet. 

Dead or Wounded

A play-to-earn decentralized game where players can earn DOW tokens (Dead or Wounded dApp native token) to further play the game. Tokens are earned for each round they win and allocated depending on their performance in the game. It’s an easy and fun way to start web3 gaming!


Connect you wallet via Unstoppable and quickly see all your NFTs in one place.

Address Insight

Explore wallet transactions and keep track of moving assets. By logging in with Unstoppable you can quickly see all transactions from your own connected wallet.

UD Mail

UDmail is a platform created to demonstrate how easy it can be to send emails using Unstoppable Domains.


A peer-to-peer application that makes it easy for you to share free things and connect meaningfully with your communities.