Hackathon Showcase Series Part 10

Sep 16, 2022·Last updated on Sep 16, 2022

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Happy Friday. We’re excited to present our next round of Hackathon participants that have integrated login with Unstoppable. 

Notably, we wanted to congratulate our two winners from the Kyiv Tech Summit last week: 


A reputation based project where you can up and down vote users once you register. 

Recycle NFT

A platform where by connecting your wallet, you can submit details of your environmental waste, browse their marketplace for pre-loved items and find out information about recycling close to your location.

Click through these other new projects that now support Login with Unstoppable: 


Sea Horse is your all-in-one NFT owner dashboard, minter, and marketplace.


A explorer to see the history of any NFT domain, plus trade and sell your own. 

Cryptopunk Dapp

A dapp to look up domain names, their history and quickly top up your wallet with a crypto on ramp. 

Decentralised Twitter

A dapp with Twitter-like feature to share thoughts connected to your web3 identity. 


A way to easily explore past transactions on any NFT domain by network or name. 


A Decentralized Freelancing Platform for Global Gig Economy where you can post or find jobs and get paid in crypto. 

NFT Community Giveaway

A dashboard for NFT giveaways that shows the number of supporters and metrics like 24h volume and more. 

Matic Sender

A quick and easy way to send Matic to and from any Unstoppable Domains address.