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Blockchain domains are domain extensions that are alternate roots. They are not part of the traditional DNS system and do not have ICANN approval. They are not initially indexable in standard search and not accessible in standard web browsers. Websites will be viewed via special browser extensions or in browsers that natively support blockchain domains.

1. Payments​ –​ Replace cryptocurrency addresses with a single human readable name. Users attach their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and any other cryptocurrency address they want, all to one domain. To pay, go to a supporting wallet and type the domain into the send field.
2. Uncensorable Websites​ – ​Domains are stored in a user’s wallet, just like a cryptocurrency. No 3rd party can seize the domain. Website content is stored on decentralized storage networks, making a takedown request impossible. Only the creator of the website can take it down.

1. Distribution is final - Once domains are live on the blockchain, no one can move them around other than the owner, not even Unstoppable Domains.
2. New features - Payments, websites, registrars aren’t required (self custody).

1. Defensive - Protect your trademark in an emerging namespace.
2. Experimentation - Learn how blockchain technology works by experimenting with it.
3. Big market - Blockchain assets & the blockchain community is a massive global market on it’s own (asset class of $200B+). Get in early.

Unstoppable Domains is a technology company founded in 2017 with headquarters in San Francisco. ​The company is a registry business - similar to Verisign (owner of .com) except that domain extensions are launched on blockchains. We also have an ecommerce store - unstoppabledomains.com where we sell domains direct to consumers and provide tools for domains to be easily used. The company is venture backed - recently closing a ​Series A​ led by Draper Associates. ​The founders are serial entrepreneurs, and have previously founded venture backed companies.
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