Unstoppable Domains x Bacoor and HB Wallet

Jun 01, 2022·Last updated on Jun 01, 2022

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Get a free .wallet NFT domain within the HB Wallet app!

Our partners, Bacoor, are the awesome folks behind HB Wallet, KEYRING PRO, and Angoname.

The Bacoor team is constantly innovating across their Web3 products, and they've brought UD along for the ride. Let’s go through some of the cool projects we have in the works together!

1. HB Wallet is Japan’s Top ETH Wallet. They have integrated all 10 Unstoppable Domain endings, and now, users can get a free .wallet domain within the HB Wallet app

This is your chance to own your name - for free! How do you secure your free .wallet NFT domain in the HB Wallet app? Check out this video below - we’ll walk you through it step by step.

2. KEYRING PRO enables users to create one single wallet address which generates multiple identical wallet addresses for popular chains. You can use any of your favorite UD domains to send and receive crypto payments.

3. Last, Angoname, a secondary resale marketplace for blockchain domains, now supports the sale of UD domains natively through its app - without charges for anyone buying or selling on its platform.

A big thank you to the entire team at Bacoor for the continuation of this collaborative partnership. 

Working together is how we build the next generation of the internet. 🤝

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