Chat is currently under maintenance and will be back once Layer 2 solutions are in place

Unstoppable Chat

Chat with others using decentralized technology. All you need is to sign in with your .crypto domain.
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It's portable
The same username can be used across chat applications and the user isn't locked into a particular chat network.
Makes chat a plugin for developers
Chat as a protocol allows developers to plug in chat apps — much like important contacts from a phone — onboarding the user with their network in place while also offloading the development resources to build chat.
Better UX for users
Since the username is now portable, users will be able to chat from whichever app they like. This means there will be more UX options for users and a better UX experience.
Centralized chat services have access to your messages and can mine them for data. Decentralized chat helps everyone keep private messages private.

Make chat and payments a plug in for your app

We are proud to unveil the first dChat app: Unstoppable Chat. Here, you can sign with your crypto address to access P2P chat, group chats, and read-only broadcasting channels.

How it works

Messaging is a core feature of the internet. It was described as the internet’s killer app. It enabled anyone to communicate with anyone else in the world instantly, and for free. Billions of people chat every day. Payments is a core feature of crypto. It is described as crypto’s killer app. It enables anyone to pay any individual or business in the world instantly, at very low costs. Billions of people pay for products and services in crypto everyday. See the similarities here? Why aren’t those two concepts available together?

Other crypto companies like MEW (MyEtherWallet) and imToken will be launching their own app using the dChat protocol. Expect many more apps to launch their own feature in the coming months. Crypto made the internet a free place to pay people. Now is the time for us —developers and users— to make sure we are free to message the people we care about, without big tech controlling us.

With dChat, no company can shut off a user’s account. All data is stored on the P2P storage network, and only the user itself can access and delete chats. Even if a company bans a user, gets hacked, or shuts down, users are unaffected. They can simply chat in any other app that supports the protocol. All chats are encrypted by default and can only be unlocked by the owner of the private key.
This means that a violation of privacy would require someone getting physical control of the device where the private key is stored (typically a phone or computer). It goes beyond centralized counterparts end-to-end encryption, because there is no central database from the start. It also significantly reduces text phishing as the business you interact with will verifiably have the same payment address as their domain name.

Since this protocol can be implemented in any wallet or service using your crypto address, you keep the same chats in all the applications using your crypto address. This is the opposite of today’s countless applications that all have separate Direct Message features where users are locked-in. You can now have a unified inbox, portable anywhere your crypto address is, bringing clarity to every message going through your crypto address.

Disclaimer: this is “Early Release Beta” and has NOT been audited for cryptographic hardness. There is currently no guarantees on it being secure — we are not security researchers — but are open to security review and hope others can improve and potentially even implement their own derivative protocols.